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Ron Terwilliger (Part 1) | Risk, Intensity, and His Journey Leading Trammell Crow Residential

In today’s episode, Ron Terwilliger, a great influencer in the apartment sector and dedicated philanthropist, shares part one of his story: his leadership at Trammell Crow Residential and how he literally spawned the next generation of the apartment business.

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Chip Conley (Rebroadcast)

Chip Conley started one of the country’s first boutique hotel chains, Joie de Vivre, when he was just 26 years old. After selling the company, he joined the startup Airbnb at age 52, despite the fact that the young founders were primed to disrupt his industry

Clara Brenner | Venture Capitalist Making City-Living Easier

Clara Brenner is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of the Urban Innovation Fund, a venture capital firm that provides seed capital and regulatory support to the tech startups addressing the challenges facing urban dwellers. Clara and I had a wide-ranging discussion about her career, business, and the startups and technologies in which her firm has invested.

Karl Polen | From a Music Career to Managing a $40 Billion Fund

As a successful musician, playing with Johnny Cash and others in Nashville, Karl Pollen could not have predicted the future of his career path. Today he is the Chief Investment Officer for the Arizona State Retirement System (AZASRS), where he manages investments for a $40 billion state pension fund.

Matt Slepin | Discovering True Leaders

In this episode, you will actually hear me being interviewed, rather than me doing the interview. Jeff Large is the editor of Season 2 of Leading Voices. He interviewed me on his podcast, The Jeff Large Podcast, where he talks about tech, podcasting, and running a business. I get to discuss how this relates to real estate from both a recruiting and leadership standpoint. Enjoy!

Lyric | The Innovative Newcomer in the Rental Space

Andrew Kitchell and Joe Fraiman saw an opportunity in new developments that had vacant apartments or unsold condominium units. By master-leasing a portion of these units and subletting them to users on a short-term basis, they could fill a need for both the resident and the developer. Their company Lyric has thus transformed the future of rentals with their innovative vision, technology, and start-up culture.

Ken Woolley | Turning Self Storage into an Integral Part of the Real Estate Industry

Ken Woolley is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Extra Space Storage, the country’s second largest self-storage company. In this episode, Woolley shares his experience as a serial entrepreneur and how his background in the airline, mining, technology, and fast food industries shaped him as an entrepreneur in real estate.

Jane Graf | Alleviating Poverty Through Affordable Housing

Jane Graf has been a leader in the affordable housing industry for over 35 years and is now the President and CEO of Mercy Housing, one of the country’s largest nonprofit developers dedicated to revitalizing lives and neighborhoods. In this episode, we discuss the political stigma surrounding affordable housing, what we can learn from the Sisters of Mercy’s fearless business approach, and why local resources and organizations are crucial to the success of affordable housing models.

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