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Chaz Mueller | CEO of Progress Residential and Dana Hamilton | Head of Real Estate at Pretium

Long-term colleagues Chaz Mueller, CEO of Progress Residential, and Dana Hamilton, Head of Real Estate of Pretium, jointly speak with Matt about the single-family rental business. Dana and Chaz share the dynamics and drivers of the single-family rental business, which has only recently emerged as a significant real estate asset class, institutionalizing a heretofore wholly “mom and pop” business.

Neveo Mosser | CEO of Mosser Companies

Neveo Mosser leads a fascinating second generation family business that operates mostly in the multifamily space. His father founded the company in the 1960s; they have owned many of their generational assets now for decades.

In Memoriam, Art Gensler | Founder of Gensler

On Tuesday, May 10, the real estate community lost one of its great thinkers and leaders, Art Gensler, the Founder of Gensler, the world’s leading design firm. This is a re-release of our November 19, 2018 Leading Voices interview with Art Gensler, who founded the eponymous-named design firm in 1965, which has grown to become the largest design firm in the world.

Jim Risoleo | President and CEO of Host Hotels & Resorts

Jim Risoleo, President and CEO of Host Hotels & Resorts, speaks with Matt about the pandemic’s impact on the hospitality sector, how Host Hotels has weathered the storm, and his predictions for business resumption after the pandemic.

Mitchell Silver | Commissioner of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

This week on Leading Voices in Real Estate, Mitchell Silver, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and a global leader in urban planning, joins Matt to discuss his work for the city and his long career in city planning. Mitchell has been responsible for the management, planning, and operations of nearly 30,000 acres of public space in New York. Matt and Mitchell talk about bringing greater equity to the city’s investment in its parks, particularly in neighborhoods of color, and about the challenges brought by COVID to New York’s public places.

Lynne Katzmann | President, CEO, and Founder of Juniper Communities

President, CEO, and Founder of Juniper Communities (an owner/operator of seniors housing), Lynne Katzmann joins Matt on this week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate. Lynne has been recognized by various organizations, including Crain’s New York as one of the top women-owned businesses in the tri-state area.

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